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  • Tina Ziegler


Opening on March 17th 2022 in London

Tina and Calum have been working together for years to offer exhibition platforms to artists across the globe. For International Women's Month. Tina from Moniker is thrilled to join adidas and Creative Debuts for their biggest collaboration to date, a 4 floor, multi-dimensional creative extravaganza celebrating International Women’s Month.

Visitors to the exhibition should expect everything from thought provoking zines, mind blowing NFTs, jaw dropping live art and artworks from the best and brightest artists from the UK and beyond. There will also be many more special surprises including a scavenger hunt, free art and more interactive elements than you can shake a paintbrush at.

The exhibition presents a cross-section of hugely talented curators and artists who are using their unique visual language to create striking and important work. Launching during International Women’s Month, the exhibition showcases over 100 creatives, all celebrating women through their practice.

Moniker's director, Tina Ziegler, has curated the NFT and Digital artists for the exhibition and presents over 20 leading female projects, exhibiting all under one roof for the first time.

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