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A global arts club, academy & documentary series exploring art, creative culture & new technology. ​

Brought to you by Tina Ziegler from Moniker Culture and Calum Hall of Creative Debuts, Arts Unknown is a platform for artists, curators and creatives to connect, where members are part of a global community powered by NFTs.


A platform that explores the world through the eyes of the creatives that make it special.

Where the physical and traditional merge with the digital and disruptive.​


Arts Unknown, aims to be the first documentary series funded through NFT membership tokens. Our founding members will have access to the future of the AU platform. The series follows these two leading London art curators as they travel the globe on a mission to discover the creative stars of tomorrow, while mapping the future of art, culture and technology. 

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AU’s mission is to build an inclusive, diverse, and creative web3 community through the creation of a global arts club.


The art market has historically been reserved for the wealthy and well connected, AU is on a mission to change that by providing a platform that connects and creates real world opportunities for creators.


It’s by supporting and documenting the artists of our generation that we can create a bright future and empower our communities from the ground up.


AU members will form part of the global community and have direct access to:

• Content direction for AU Film

• Exclusive film & artist content 

• Art Classes 

• Unique NFT airdrops & giveaways​

• Special IRL events

• Physical & Digital AU merchandise

• Exclusive film & artist content

• Lectures & artist interviews

• Art materials 

and so much more...

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calum hall
Creative Debuts

Founder + Creative Director of Creative Debuts | Forbes 30 under 30 2021: Art + Culture

Calum Hall is an art entrepreneur who is actively seeking to disrupt and democratise the art world. He founded Creative Debuts', a platform making art more accessible for artists and art lovers, born out of the frustrations he had when trying to navigate the journey between the creative and commercial world.

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the team

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tina ziegler
Moniker Culture

Creative Director of Moniker Art Fair,

The Art Conference and Moniker Culture


Since 2008, Tina Ziegler has been a torchbearer for the urban and contemporary art movement, having spent her career as a professional curator and project director, advocating and supporting the art movements she loves. She has curated over 300 exhibitions and worked with thousands of artists across the globe. She also is an advocate for education in the arts through her academy.

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kevin takagi sanchez
Bonus Studios

Co-Founder & Head of Content at Bonus Studios

Kevin lives and works in Madrid, and successfully runs his own video production studio, Bonus Studios. Calum discovered Kevin's talent for filming at some of the first Creative Debuts events and he quickly went on to film and shoot photography for both CD and Moniker.

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